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Triathlon Training

At Trimax Fitness, we begin and end with the individual.  All of our programming is personally customized to deliver plans that are targeted to deliver results against the needs of each client.  Whether you are trying to improve your fitness level, alter your nutrition or preparing for your first Ironman, we assess your strengths and weaknesses, conduct a comprehensive interview and create plans based on your goals.

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Athlete Blogs

Interested in learning about CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance and how these protocols are used in the endurance community?  Many TriMax athletes have taken the time to chronicle their journeys to IM, marathons and other endurance events to share their experiences and progress in taking on this innovative training regimen.  Learn how they have incorporated these techniques and the successes they’ve achieved.

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Meal of the Day

Interested in eating like your Paleolithic ancestors but don’t know where to turn? Come back to this link everyday to get a new idea and recipe that is 100% Paleo and sure to please! TriMax thanks its friends at the Foodee Project for their initiative and great idea sharing. Thanks, guys!

Triathlon Interviews

ReinertsenShe’s spent her entire life on one leg. Afflicted with a birth defect that prevented the full growth of her left leg, Sarah Reinertsen has competed at the Olympic level in the Paralympic Games, raced and completed Kona and was a featured contestant on “The Amazing Race”. Learn more about her amazing story and new book… 
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  TriMax Nutrition Center
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  TriMax Files

The “fourth” discipline of triathlon can intimidate and confuse many of us.  The TriMax Nutrition Center is designed to simplify our fueling choices and make sense of our eating decisions.  Complete with articles on the principles of good nutrition, specific guidance on hydration and a shopping list of items to consume, our intention is to make sure you understand best on how to properly fuel your training.

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Want to pick up some free time with a better transition?  Don't understand how to train with heart rate based effort?  Losing mental focus in races and looking for a better way to stay mentally tough?  In this section we feature a multitude of various training articles designed to improve your performance and training.  

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Ever wonder how the top names in the sport train, recover and even relax? Click here to search our archive of interviews with over a dozen luminaries in the world of endurance sports. Gordo Byrn, Joanna Zeiger and Bree Wee are just some of the big names in triathlon and endurance sport who have spent time with us. Additions to our archive are made every month!  

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»Annual Race Planning & Strategy

»Off-Season Training

»Mental Training

»Cycling Cadence & Muscle Economy

»Heart Rate Based Training

»Swim Training Metrics

»Evan McGerald's Workout Plan

    »Simsbury Therapeutic

»Rachel Ross

»Joanna Zeiger

»Bree Wee

»Gary Griffin

»Leanda Cave

»Evan McGerald

»Kathy "TriMom" Robbins

»Brian Enge

»Alex McDonald

»Tom Ziebart

»Mac Brown

»Scott Rigsby

»Belinda Granger

»Matty Reed

»Chris McCormack

»Gordo Byrn

»Mike Caiazzo

»Janda Ricci-Munn

»Mirinda Carfrae

»Cam Brown

»Lisa Bentley

»Hillary Biscay

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